From market stallholder to packaging manufacturer

Jules Pelgrims began his working life in the early sixties as a market stallholder. In the morning he sold textiles in the market and on his free afternoons he sold plastic wrapping to horticultural businesses in the Sint-Katelijne-Waver area. As a result of this ‘hobby’ he made important contacts in the plastics sector and so, in the late seventies, Jules began selling plastic bags: initially to other market stallholders and local shops, and, later on, also to wholesalers. Pelgrims Packaging was born.

At the end of the 1980s we at Pelgrims began manufacturing our own products in the Berkenhoek industrial park in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver. Wim Pelgrims came on board in 1994 to help with the running of the company. Through his contribution and the acquisition of three other packaging companies in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, Pelgrims Packaging underwent a massive expansion in the 1990s. We bought more machinery and expanded our customer base. In addition to paper bags and duplex sheets we also began producing plastic bags.

In 2003 Pelgrims took possession of a brand-new production facility in the Berkenhoek industrial park. After shedding our plastics production operation, we now specialize in the manufacture of paper bags and duplex paper. We are also distributers for a wide variety of other packaging materials.


Pioneer in technology, focus on quality

At Pelgrims Packaging we are able to produce up to 3 million paper bags and 4 million sheets of duplex paper per day. This is thanks to our team of highly trained workers and state-of-the-art machinery, which we are continually updating and adding to. Because we are a pioneer in technology, our new machines are custom-made to our own specifications.

All the various processes involved in making your paper bags or duplex paper are carried out in-house: from inline printing on a 4 and 6-colour press, coating and waxing to the bespoke cutting, gluing and assembly of the bag or sheet concerned. At Pelgrims we make your bags as you want them, with widths from 9 to 30 cm and from 20 to 80 cm high - in any colour and also quadri printed.

As well as manufacturing our own paper bags, duplex paper and rolls of paper, Pelgrims is also a wholesaler for other packaging materials, such as plastic bags, cling film, aluminium foil, cake boxes and pallet wrapping. As with our own products, here too, the focus is on quality.



Your packaging in good hands

About 3/5 of the 10,600 m2 floor area at our large site in the Berkenhoek industrial park in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver is given over to warehouse space. This allows us to store your packaging in optimal conditions. At Pelgrims Packaging we also have an extensive range of neutrally printed products that can be delivered very quickly, on request.

Our computer-controlled warehouse is equipped with a track-and-trace system and complies with the BRCiop and HACCP standards. This means that we can trace the origin of any end product.

Pelgrims Packaging deals mainly with the Belgian market.